Viva Engelbert!

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At the end of a day when we have considered the plight of old people in an age-revolted, death-denying culture, let’s celebrate the resurrection of Engelbert Humperdinck. The song above would make a great funeral song; the one below wouldn’t.


The days of autumn splendor
Those moments, warm and tender
Was it too beautiful to last
The love we share together
The dreams we dare together
Was it too beautiful to last

Walking hand in hand
The dawn discloses
We were dreaming of a land
Where love preposes
But castles made of sand
Like winter roses are fated to die
My darlin’, like you and I
My darlin’

Where are those sweet Septembers
The joy my heart remembers
Lost in the shadows of the past
The rainbow watched above you
The sacred words “I love you”
Why did that dream go by so fast
Was it too beautiful
Was it too beautiful to last



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