Saturday matinée — Mr Joyboy

Charles Cowling


Here’s a joy and a delight, a clip from the 1965 movie, The Loved One, adapted from the novel by Evelyn Waugh, a book which sits on every deathie’s bedside table. Mr Joyboy is played by Rod Steiger, Miss Thanatogenos by Anjanette Comer. The director was Tony Richardson

5 mins


‘But Mr Joyboy, you’ve given him the Radiant Childhood Smile.’

‘Yes, don’t you like it?’

‘Oh, I like it, of course, but his Waiting One did not ask for it.’

‘Miss Thanatogenos, for you the Loved Ones just naturally smile.’

‘Oh, Mr Joyboy.’

‘It’s true, Miss Thanatogenos.  It seems I am just powerless to prevent it.  When I am working for you there’s something inside me says, “He’s on his way to Miss Thanatogenos” and my fingers just seem to take control.  Haven’t you noticed it?’

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james showers
9 years ago

Oops, so sorry Mr Steiger.

james showers
9 years ago

Marvellous work – genius. Rod stieger’s masterful oiliness and obsession, and the beautician’s name – choice!
Dig the man having his tea break on the counter behind the embalming teams.
And the ‘Slunber Room’ – I have been looking for a better name for our ‘chapel’. Even the ‘Gothic’ Slumber Room, where the rellie can’t get close to the loved one to have a proper look.
A must see movie.
Thank you GFG.