Saturday matinée / Monday treat

Charles Cowling


We were wondering with building bewilderment and annoyance why no one had commented on this marvellous funeral. Now we discover that the wretched caretaker charged with posting it on Saturday morning was drunk and incapable, and has now been dismissed. Our apologies.

This is a gottawatch. If you don’t watch this, consider yourself barred from this blog for a year and a day — by which time it won’t be here.

Here’s a real, proper celebration of life in a culture where death is homecoming — not a culture where people sit and listen with gleamy-eyed smiles to nice words spoken, but a stand up and CELEBRATE culture.

This lovely account of Rosa Sutton’s funeral features easily the grooviest, funkiest pallbearers you have ever seen.

Never has being dead seemed so enviable. Watch and marvel. Six mins, 47 seconds. Click the icon in the bottom r/h corner of the screen to bring it up to full size. 

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tim clark
tim clark
9 years ago

Wouldn’t it just? Give us half a chance….

Belinda Forbes
9 years ago

Tim – I was serious! Even if just one of the more confident (at bearing) singers did it with accompaniment from the others. It would be wonderful.

9 years ago

We have a lot to learn..!!
PS I’ll take care of the donkeys….

Belinda Forbes
9 years ago

It’s the live music that really makes the difference. Tim – how about the choir being miked up and carrying the coffin?!

9 years ago

Wow, a miked up singing pall bearer, cooooool. Not so sure about the asses.

Priscilla Etienne Funeography

Oh Lord!!!! Please give us many funerals like this.
Wonderful, just wonderful.