Pyreday 2 — Julius Caesar

Charles Cowling


In an act of solidarity with the movement to restore open-air cremation to Britain, spearheaded by the Natural Death Centre, we survey some inspirational historic examples. 

When the funeral was announced, a pyre was erected in the Field of Mars near the tomb of Julia. In front of the rostra was placed a gilded shrine, made after the model of the temple of Venus Genetrix. Within was a bier of ivory with coverlets of purple and gold, and at its head a pillar hung with the robe in which he was slain. [Source

Ed’s note: An exemplary pyre. Full marks to the Ancient Romans. Recommended by The Good Funeral Guide

One thought on “Pyreday 2 — Julius Caesar

  1. Charles Cowling

    Er – some of the crowd seem to be intent on using sharp implements to prepare the next clients for the pyre…is this a standard procedure for open-air cremation? I think we should be told….

    Charles Cowling

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