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Here’s a very promising looking new social networking website for the over-sixties. Says its creator, Mary B:

This web site is designed for the over 60s and their families to keep in touch.

Its focus is on interaction – with family, friends and ‘virtual’ interest groups.

The emphasis is on ‘keeping in touch’ and ‘having fun’ so the site enables members to interact easily with others who are online. It is also somewhere you can enjoy playing in the Games Room, keeping up with relevant News, and discuss issues of concern.
Our vision is that there will be a strong social care aspect to the site.

We want, initially, to prove that our concept and this site can provide support for a community of older users, and that it is useful for its members. We need your help to make this happen. We can create a vibrant network of support for older people if we work together. 

Our Objective is to use existing technology with a simple interface. To build a supportive online community, to help older people keep in touch and provide a forum to share and discuss issues of particular relevance to members.

Some of our members will use the site to video link with their family and friends in distant places.

Some of our members live alone. The dividing line between being alone and feeling lonely is a very narrow one. Most of the time we feel fine, but sometimes it is good to know there are like-minded people available to communicate with, who can be reached by the click of a few buttons. If you would like to support us in our efforts to provide a service of support for older people, keeping us all in touch, removing any sense of isolation and also to give older people a stronger voice please spread the word about DropBy and join our supportive online community.


Find the website here. Many thanks to Simon Ferrar of Clandon Wood natural burial ground here for recommending this.


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