Crematorium — Receptor

Charles Cowling



In tribute to Lyra Mollington’s plucky tour behind the scenes of her local crematorium, the team here at the GFG-Batesville Tower offer her this commemorative ballad, Crematorium, by the Receptor ensemble. 

6 thoughts on “Crematorium — Receptor

  1. Charles Cowling

    I’m with Mr Chunky…it makes me think of sweeping gravel off glass, or brick dust in your dishcloth… If I had teeth they’d be on edge.

    Charles Cowling
  2. Charles Cowling

    I wondered that, too. Spooky, innit?

    Charles Cowling
  3. Charles Cowling

    I like this – but what, I wonder, were they sampling?

    Charles Cowling
  4. Charles Cowling

    Me too, Lyra. Would this be a generation thing?

    Charles Cowling
  5. Charles Cowling
    Kristie West

    Awesome track!

    Charles Cowling
  6. Charles Cowling
    Lyra Mollington

    Poor Colin! When I pressed play, he started doing a wall of death around the drawing room.

    Charles Cowling

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