Saturday matinee

Charles Cowling



A Catholic funeral in Tonga.

 5 mins. Click the icon bottom right to bring it up to full size. 



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[…] you enjoyed the brass band in Saturday’s film of a Catholic funeral in Tonga here, you’ll love the Green Street Mortuary Band. It plays for Chinese funerals in San Francisco. […]

Jenny Uzzell
9 years ago

Thanks for the new link, Charles. Very interesting. The thing that strikes me most here as the ‘big difference’ from British funerals is the sense of community. I do not know who the lady whose funeral this was was, whether she was a community leader or not, but she was clearly a valued part of a very large community. In Britain this community system is, I think, very much in decline and we are becomming very issolationist. This is ref;ected by recent comments about collections at crematoria being used for funeral expenses, or not, and may, I think, be the… Read more »

Jenny Uzzell
9 years ago

Sounds as if it was fascinating. Sadly, all I am getting is ‘sorry, this video does not exist’. Just my luck 🙂

james showers
9 years ago

Indeed, a lot of theatre for your money – 2 bands, 6 (?) clergy, 30m of calico sunshade for the ‘pall bearers’. And a load of flowers. The procession behind the 4 x 4 I really liked, echoing our Victorian (?) tradition of coffin bearers being covered and walking underneath by the ‘pall’. This was all fantastic, tho I didn’t quite see if it was a burial as in most Catholic traditions. The man sitting with the big empty armchair beside him was so profound. I wonder if we could incorporate this sometimes as a potent symbol of loss and… Read more »

Lyra Mollington
Lyra Mollington
9 years ago

Now imagine this done by the Co-op or Dignity. Bet all those extras would soon add up…