Friend of Ours — Elbow

Charles 2 Comments

Before leaving get to the bar
No one round here makes you pay
Never very good at goodbyes
So gentle shoulder charge
Love you mate

Love you mate

Salford skyline gloom
Always you
Could fly round any corner
But until you do
Love you mate

Hat tip to Sweetpea


  1. Charles

    Lovely – thank you Sweetpea and Charles.
    Another Elbow track I’ve played at a funeral is “Lippy Kids”. I love funeral songs that aren’t too obviously about death or loss.
    “Do they know those days are golden?
    Build a rocket boys
    Build a rocket boys!”

  2. Charles

    So…. more deathly Elbow fans, fab.

    ‘Neat little rows’ is an interesting foray of theirs into birth and memorialisation surrounding death. At least I think that is what it is about!

    Love Elbow so much that I took the old man to see them in Paris before Christmas.


    Love you mate

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