Saturday matinee

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A young man whose brother died in a car crash takes his ashes on the trip his brother always wanted to take to Holland, Sweden and Scotland.

Gentle, thoughtful, touching.

5 mins 34 secs.

The maker says: 

This was shot in Holland, Sweden and Scotland over the summer. This is largely recycled material from a similarly themed bigger project that just didn’t turn out the way I was hoping it would.

What I learned is that I definitely don’t belong in front of the camera, it’s very difficult to film anything buy tadalafil mexico online with just two people, guerilla film-making can be difficult, there will always be unforeseen obstacles, getting good sound is difficult, and carrying an urn around draws attention to you and will get you stopped and searched in an airport, especially if it has remnants of white powdery substance inside. 

My wife did most of the camera work. I did the rest. Some of the colors grading came out pretty well and some of it looks a bit muddy. We’re just beginners.

You wouldn’t have thought so. 

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james showers
12 years ago

A wonderful, and beautifully told story. I felt very touched and complete. Thank you.

PS A nice act carrying the cannister (obviously an urn to my fd eyes) one handed on a bike!
He’s fine on fillum, too.