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Guardian commenter nomisd writes: “Mrs nomisd wants the drums from the Eastenders theme music as the curtains close…” [Source]

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Worst ever curtain closing theme is ‘Countdown’ – the build up of tension and timing is perfect for the curtain at Glynn Valley! – cleverest is the theme from Loony Tunes. That also times well with the curtain!

I also add with a serious note that such choices can be appropriate and occasionally quite moving.

David Holmes

Last year on entering the crematorium chapel – following my men who were expertly bearing the coffin in a solemn manner, I was struck by a very odd piece of music playing. I had a mild panic, assuming the wrong CD was being used. On exit, the chapel attendant who had noted my distress put me right. ‘Deal or no Deal’ he said – it’s the theme tune’ He was correct. The family had been asked for a piece of music loved by the deceased, this was their choice!