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Most people end up at the GFG through a web search using some variant of  ‘coffin prices’ or ‘where can i buy a coffin’. Ranking a lot higher than you might think is the search term ‘viking funeral’. It only goes to show what a grip the idea of a Viking funeral has on the imaginations of so many. There is a big difference between what Vikings did and what people think they did, of course, but no matter. The longship is at the centre of it. Water, often. And flames, of course. 

Vic Fearn is the company that makes Crazy Coffins to order. From 20-29 January they will be displaying some of their finest and craziest at the South Bank Centre, London, alongside coffins made by the legendary Pa Joe in Ghana, where crazy coffins are much more mainstream. Full details here. Crazy Coffins say “What helps to sell a crazy coffin in the UK is the English sense of humour”. 

We thought you’d like to see one of Crazy Coffins’ Viking coffins being made, followed by some of the coffins they displayed earlier this year in Besancon, France.  Find the Crazy Coffins website here



  1. Charles

    Beautiful Charles. Perhaps you could direct, or at least alert those with Scandinavian inclinations to the NDC website where we have recently set up a poll to determine who would like to blaze a top a fire, and who would rush up with a bucket of water to stop such outrages.

  2. Charles

    Actually its George Spencer in the first photo and Richard Mullard, the artist, in the second photo. Infact, there is alot of input from a number of staff in building a crazy coffin.
    Thank you for the comments!

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