Life’s a beach

Charles Cowling

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Rupert Callender
9 years ago

Gloria you’ve become truly radicalised, haven’t you? Watch for the knock on the door in the middle of the night, the men in black scuttling around the corner of your road, private ambulances with smoked glass idling on tickover outside your door, instalment plans on direct debit mysteriously appearing on your bank account, waking up wearing a nylon, pink ruffed nightgown. Oh, wait a minute..

gloria mundi
9 years ago

He has allies – great whites, blue-ringed octopuses, box jellyfish, rips and undertows and good old human folly. And yet we do all love to be beside the seaside, don’t we? So bog off, old Rattlebones!

Maybe Rupert glimpsed a particular kind of lethal shark that haunts these shores offering instalment plans, over-priced and anonymised branches…I think we should rename the firm as “Jaws.”

Rupert Callender
9 years ago

I thought I glimpsed something out there..

9 years ago

I hope he’s wearing sunscreen.

Jon Underwood
9 years ago

Death … always sneaking up on people.