A hearse for a very very important person?

Charles 1 Comment

You don’t have to dig deep to discover that underneath many an an FD’s top hat is a passionate petrol head.

We love our cars. And it’s an international trait too. Have a look at this great site from an Indian Funeral Directors in Bangalore – St Peter’s.


The range of vehicles on show are – at first glance – very different. But you’d expect that. Different roads and different needs (although we know of some FDs who surprise their local garage by measuring up a 4×4 to see if they can fit a body in the back. Not so very different to St Peter’s Scorpio model above).

But the one we like best is the Eicher VVIP. Isn’t she a beauty?

You’ll note though, that, even if the vehicles are different, the style is the same. All over the world it seems FDs are out in the morning a-washing and a-polishing.

Thanks to Vicky Coupland-Morris for the tip.

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David Holmes
12 years ago

I just bought a VOLVO XC70. It’s a black 4×4 estate. A nearby (group) funeral director bought two Land-Rover Discovery models last winter. They kept going when the snow came. I am hoping to do the same, should it come again this winter. All the above vehicles can carry a Ferno stretcher and/or most coffins.

Worth noting that even if the FD gets through on funeral day, the mourners and clergy may not. Last year we postponed two cremations for this reason. First time in my career.