My Man’s Gone

Charles 3 Comments


My man’s gone now
Ain’t no use a listenin’
For his tired footsteps
Climbin’ up the stairs

Old man sorrow’s
Come to keep me company
Whisperin’ beside me
When I say my prayers
When I say my prayers

He come around
He come up, he come around
Ain’t that I mind workin’
Work n’ me is travelers
Journeyin’ together
To the promised land

But old man sorrow
Mountin’ all the way with me
Tell’ me that I’m old now
Since I lose my man
Since I lose my man

Since I lose my man

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12 years ago

Oh Nina, you surely know how, and why, to lament.
Please, will you sing this for me when I’m gone?

x Jonathan

Belinda Forbes
12 years ago

She’s going to sing ‘Feeling Good’ at my funeral…

12 years ago

“New dawn, new life, new day ” –
sure is true, but I ain’t Feelin’ Good, man,
‘cos my girl done gone and died and she left me
all alone, like I knew that she would.

I don’t care for your words of kind comfort,
keep them for some other good sunny day, man,
for she needs me to cry into her grave so she won’t
be forgotten, like she would if the preacher

had his way,
oh, if he had his way, man,

if the preacher done had his dirty way.