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I must have been asleep when this story broke. Perhaps I was on holiday. Whatever. In case you missed it, slap your thighs and make merry.

Recipe book next? 


Hat-tip to Kingfisher. Full story here



3 thoughts on “Man chop

  1. Charles Cowling

    Interesting questions you raise, Jon. Brains used to be the thing back in the stone age, of course — they were reckoned to come equipped with the intellect of the dead person. And there is that episode in Satyricon. Never really caught on, though. Probably too many darn vegetarians.

    Charles Cowling
  2. Charles Cowling
    Jon Underwood

    Secretly, I’ve always wondered why we’re so averse to eating our dead. Is it a health risk? Do other species do it? Excuse my ignorance. (and not for me thanks – 20 years vegetarian!)

    Charles Cowling
  3. Charles Cowling
    andrew plume

    Charles – no matter which particular Co-op Society is concerned, the gaffs just continue to roll on………… simply wonders why? – when one takes into account the vast layers of middle management that they have, there are simply no excuses for this – great news for ones independent rivals……… however – having said that for the good people of not only Leamington Spa and also Warwick which adjoins it, sadly there are no independent firms there at all

    Charles Cowling

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