Thanatos meets Eros

Charles Cowling

A series of images here from the Cimitero Monumentale di Staglione in Genoa, Italy. No accompanying critique from me, I’m afraid; I haven’t a clue what the relationship is. Can you help us?

And finally, wholly unrelated, this:

4 thoughts on “Thanatos meets Eros

  1. Charles Cowling
    Graveyard Bunny

    It might not be about sex, per se (although admittedly they are Italian) but rather a juxtaposition of youthful beauty with death to emphasise the fleetingness of life?

    They also seem more sorrowful than, erm, horny, but then I’m no expert..

    Charles Cowling
  2. Charles Cowling
    Charles Cowling

    Gosh, interesting idea, Vale. Bunga Bunga death cult.

    Charles Cowling
  3. Charles Cowling

    It strikes you that Berlusconi and his ‘Bunga Bunga’ parties are more deeply rooted in Italian culture than you might think.

    Charles Cowling
  4. Charles Cowling
    Jon Underwood

    The relationship between sex and death? That’s a biggie that quickly leads into complicated territory. Nevertheless I’ve been thinking about it and decided to give it a go. This is drawn from the Buddhist teachings of which I am a fan…

    They are both fundamental drivers of our behaviour. Sex is something we want, death is something we don’t want. The desire for sex can potentially be linked to a desire to ‘be’, to exist. Conversely the fear of death can be linked to a fear of annihilation.

    Sex and death are the ultimate want and don’t want things. But the emotions underpinning our relationship with them play out in all sorts of ways. For example, our desire to ‘be’ drives us to accumulate lots of material possessions and to try and be powerful. Most contributors to this blog know better than me how the fear of death plays out.

    In Buddhism these feelings come from the same root, which is called (depending on who you listen to) craving or ignorance. According to the Buddha this is due to a misapprehension of reality that is the root of suffering. It is entirely possible to experience sex and death without craving or ignorance. There experiences then take on a powerful transformative quality.

    Just my views! Thanks for the opportunity to put them out there.


    Charles Cowling

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