If it be your will

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Cancer has taken Christopher Hitchens’ voice. Read his beautifully written essay about it here.

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Perpetua's Garden
12 years ago

For a long time I also had these lines of Leonhard Cohen’s on my home page:

Let everyone live
And let everyone die
Hello my love
And my love goodbye.

Can the tragic reality of us mortals be expressed anymore clearly than that?

(The “mortals” – what a beautiful old word, that has, for obvious reasons, become quite untimely today. It is simply too honest.)

Charles Cowling
12 years ago

Yes. Mortals. How often do we hear that nowadays? I’ve had to stop listening to this song. It fills me with sadness. Elegiac sadness, but sad sadness all the same. “If It Be Your Will” If it be your will That I speak no more And my voice be still As it was before I will speak no more I shall abide until I am spoken for If it be your will If it be your will That a voice be true From this broken hill I will sing to you From this broken hill All your praises they shall… Read more »