Charles Cowling

I hope I am acknowledged to be a generous source of great business ideas. From time to time I come up with a corker and then, in a spirit either of magnanimity or downright sloth, offer it gratis to loyal readers of this blog.

The idea pictured above is just another such generous offer. First option to buy cialis online goes to Clare and Michelle at Volkswagen Funerals. Second option goes to the high-revvin Paul ‘Faster Pastor’ Sinclair at Motorcycle Funerals. After that it’s anybody’s — yours if you fancy it.

If it does good, a bung this way would not be out of order neither would it offend me in the least.

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10 years ago

A matchig V-dub coffin that DRIVES down a ramp out of the back of a V-dub hearse and up the aisle – now that would be a winner. It would solve the problem of having to pay bearers, too.

Clare VW Brookes
9 years ago
Reply to  Jonathan

just resharpening my pencil Jonathan….back up the shed

gloria mundi
10 years ago

H’m. How big was the bung?
As an ex-hippie splittie-owner in 1970, I like the idea….

10 years ago

Hey now there’s an idea funeral transport for the lover of scootering, or for 60’s / 70’s Mods.

I tell you what a coffin in the shape of a splittie would go down very well with the V Dub community, I’m going down the shed to draw up some plans.
Thanks Charles I owe you a pint!

Jason (the man on the bike) could have worn a matching helmet.