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  1. World Spinner

    The Good Funeral Guide – Dementia…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  2. Charles Cowling
    Death Matters

    Indeed, GM, a striking formulation. Indicates the inspiration power of tragedy – and perhaps indirectly why we live in such an artistically uninspired period.

    Because a little more facing up to tragedy would stimulate art like nothing else. The tragedy is there anyway, whether we accept it or not. So, as you say, why don’t we begin dealing with it?

    Damming the river of life will only lead to a spiritually catastrophic dam break at some point.


    Charles Cowling
  3. Charles Cowling

    Well, something has to carry us off eventually, but is there anything we all dread more than Altzheimer’s? Dorothy Rowe says its because we are (even) more afraid of the annihiliation of our sense of self, of identity, than we are of death. You’ll remember that Martin Amis caused a bit of stir last year when he posited suicide cubicles in the nearish future so that the “silver tidal wave” of very old people with Altzheimer’s could conveniently do away with themselves if/when they wished.

    I have met the families of victims who are more positive about the life of someone they loved who had it – at least, up until the last stages, I guess. Some people do seem to manage it remarkably well. It seems to me to be an intolerably cruel fate, but it also seems to draw remarkable degrees of love and caring from some people.

    The postcard offers us a striking formulation.

    We’d better get better at dealing with it.

    PostSecret was new to me; some of them are terribly sad, some very funny, and some, of course, are both.

    Thanks Charles.

    Charles Cowling

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