Music for a goth funeral

Charles Cowling

The other day, Jamie, or was it Paul Hensby? at My Last Song challenged me to come up with a good song to play at a goth funeral. The fact that I couldn’t think of one was not significant: I listen to very little music. I can’t even think of anything I want played at mine. It really isn’t important. Just hum a bit if you want.

But the GFG is here to help the bereaved of all musical tastes. So, to all you goths out there, and for anyone planning a Viking funeral, may I suggest the splendid Black Metal Austrian ensemble, Summoning. These two songs are, I think, ghastly beyond words and entirely hideous but, possibly, exactly what you are looking for.

We are here to serve.

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9 years ago

I have favored My chemical Romance “Helena”
I am planning my funeral, and that is what I have decided that is what I want to have played. I love the song “Helena”
so far that’s the only one I like

Paul Hensby
11 years ago

Yes Charles, it was me, Paul. Thankfully you are in a minority regarding the importance of music in people’s lives, otherwise My Last Song would have a short and miserable future. So far there are 38 listings in the fave five section of the website which asks people to submit the music they want to be remembered by. Although this lists are excellent and eclectic, there is no Gothic music and no country and western, which I find strange. Mention of the latter reminds me of the story of Buddy Rich, the jazz drummer who when going in for increasingly… Read more »