Death masks 1

Charles 3 Comments

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13 years ago

If there could be a better way of illustrating the sometimes rather glib but true words “each of us is unique” with more poignancy and potency, it’s beyond my imagination just after seeing this – thank you, Charles, your gem-hunting turns up some sparklers but this I love more than most. And with my own choice of committal music for my funeral thrown in! It has me in tears.


p.s: Death masks…direct cremations…Funerals Without Bod… now there’s a thought!

13 years ago

a client of mine had her ‘bum’ cast last year (she’s a very hot 40 somthing and wanted to get a cast of her bum before it was gone!)

while she was in Brighton getting her ‘bum done’ (as she would call it) she said she saw a death mask – she sent me the picture a while it was *erm* well interesting i suppose

I like to think I’m quite open minded, but maybe not as much as i thought!

Rupert Callender
13 years ago

We love deathmasks, and have offered them as part of our service since working with the artist Nick Reynolds doing the deathmask for his friend Jago Eliot, Earl of St Germans. They are profoundly powerful, and should be seen as part of a cultural blend of grief and art, useful, healing and strangely comforting. Plaster casts of dead children’s hands and feet are becoming more common, as is postmortem photography. This is being explored in more detail in the forthcoming fifth edition of The Natural Death Handbook.