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Selsdon & District Funeral Service

Address: 204 Addington Road, Selsdon, Surrey CR2 8LD

Phone: 020 8657 0030

Funeral Director/s:

Michael Wort and Gary Morriss are the two funeral directors here, supported by Sue who holds the fort when they are out of the branch. Both Michael and Gary hold the Diploma in Funeral Directing and the licence to practice issued by the British Institute of Funeral Directors, (Selsdon & District are the only undertakers in the area to hold the licence). Both men have decades in the funeral business, Gary is a third-generation funeral director who has been working while Michael has worked in funerals for over 20 years.

Part of the Rowland Brothers Group, Selsdon & District Funeral Service is an independent, family run business with all the attributes that brings. It is strongly embedded in the local community - 'Our neighbourhood is your neighbourhood, this is where we live and work. When you need us we'll be here. Large concerns answer to shareholders, we answer to you.'

Funerals are supported by the Rowland Brothers fleet and staff, and back office administrative support frees the Selsdon staff members to devote themselves to the families they serve.

This branch retains the original décor, with a light reception area and an arranging room laid out like a sitting room with comfortable sofas. Paperwork is done in the office, ensuring that the staff can give full attention to discussing funeral arrangements without being distracted by phone calls or e-mails.

Further back there is a chapel of rest, and beyond that a kitchen area with access to the toilet. Behind the scenes there is the mortuary area, with parking at the rear if need be. (When funerals take place, the coffin is placed on the hearse at the back of the building rather than in full view of passers-by unlike other companies nearby).

Specific Gravity:

Both Gary and Michael are devoted funeral directors who work tirelessly to ensure that the Selsdon families they serve receive the best, most personalised and individual funeral that they deserve.

Together with Sue, they pride themselves on their strong local connections, supporting local firms for service and products. 'We choose to do business with people we trust' they say.

The staff at Selsdon and District Funeral Service also support local charities and community organisations. taking every effort to be involved in their community and to create the kind of personal relationship which leads to individual, sensitive service.


What’s important?

A determination to get things right for each family they serve, and an attention to detail that ensures that you will feel that everything has been thought of, and nothing overlooked.


What’s different?

In these days of large corporate businesses offering funerals, the personal service that you will receive and the support that Gary, Michael and Sue will provide is a refreshing reminder of how funerals should be carried out.

Old fashioned values underpin this independently run undertakers, and it is this that makes the difference for the families who choose to use them.



  • Your first call will be answered by Gary, Michael or Sue. After hours it will be David Collins you speak to.
  • Home visits – yes, just ask.
  • Same sex person to wash and dress? Yes, again, just ask. People brought into Selsdon & District’s care are routinely bathed and have their hair washed before they are placed into their coffins. If you want to be involved or to do this yourself, let your funeral arranger know.
  • Embalming? Not conducted as a matter of course, but recommended if you want to spend time with the person who has died in the Chapel of Rest or at home. The procedure will be explained to you and you will be asked to sign a document giving permission to carry out this invasive procedure.
  • Ethnic specialism? Gary and Michael have decades of experience assisting families from all communities and cultures.
  • Home arranged funerals – absolutely, they are happy to support families who want to care for their dead relative at home, and to provide as much or as little advice and assistance as is needed.
  • Local celebrants – Gary, Michael and Sue know their local celebrants well, and will suggest the person they feel most suitable to help you. They have a list of all local celebrants, but have some favourites who they can recommend with certainty that you will receive an excellent service.
  • Vehicles – Selsdon & District use the Rowland Brothers fleet of three hearses and five limousines. These are currently Fords, but these are likely to be changed to different models soon. They also have seven private ambulances.
  • Website – Comprehensive information on the website.
  • Client support – Superb and ongoing as long as you need it through the Rowland Brothers Bereavement Aftercare.
  • Money matters – Exceptionally good value for money, a high-class service for several thousand pounds less than nearby corporate funeral directors. Prices are currently not displayed online but will be shortly – a recent price reduction delayed the introduction of online pricing.
  • Parking – There is space at the rear of the premises if you can’t find a parking space nearby.


Selsdon & District Funeral Directors has an excellent reputation locally, and with the support of the larger Rowland Brothers Group, it continues to excel in providing quality funerals at very reasonable prices.

 It has the gravitas of a long-established business that knows exactly how to serve families in the best way, but the forward-looking flexibility of a small family run undertaking.

Selsdon & District is an example of the best kind of funeral directors, and gives excellent value for money. You won’t find a better undertaker in this part of the world.

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