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Michael Gamble Funeral Directors Ltd

Address: Station House, Station Road, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 3AR

Phone: 01453 790900

Funeral Director/s:

Michael Gamble – ably assisted by his wife Clare. A comparative latecomer to funeral directing, Michael was for many years a landscape gardener. He found himself attracted to funerals when helping out a friend in the business. What was the attraction? “I was drawn to the idea of being able to do a job that could make a difference to people’s lives. I had also had my fair share of experiences from the other side of the desk, so to speak, and wanted to use that experience to help others.”

This is a young business run by a couple who are lifelong members of the local community and know it intimately. They are very much ‘one of us’. They are liked and trusted. This is also a small business, so you will not be just another client. You will almost certainly make your funeral arrangements with Michael, and he will be there for you on the day. If not with Michael, you will make the arrangements with Clare or with another funeral director working with them, Nick. What you get here is exactly the sort of careful personal service and attention that most people want.

A great strength of the business is that it is run by people who have not been immersed in the funeral business all their lives. Their approach is fresh, thoughtful and reassuringly normal.

The funeral home is in the old stationmaster’s house, a fine, early Victorian building, well-appointed, in accordance of the status of its former occupant. It is bright and airy and comfortable, not at all gloomy and hushed. What’s more, it has its own parking.

Along with his normality, what sets Michael apart is his calm. He is very much a people person and he’s really pleased to give you all the time you need and let you take things at your own pace. He is a very comfortable person to spend time with, and we really can’t think of a better quality in a funeral director.

He is also very flexible. He likes to find out exactly how you’d like things to be done, and then do it that way. Michael can arrange all sorts of ancillary services for you – order-of-service booklets, audio or video recording, an alternative hearse, flowers, etc. “I make sure that everybody is aware that whatever they may want, however big, small or obscure, we will endeavour to sort it out for them.”

We like Michael and Clare’s staff, too, and this assures us that those who have died are looked after with great care and kindness here.

When not at work Michael likes cycling, spending time with family, looking after his dog and hens, assisting his son with his budding karting career. He is also a retained fire fighter in the village of Painswick where he lives.

Specific Gravity:

Michael has high standards and likes to do things properly and smartly. If it’s a traditional funeral you want he wears the traditional frock coat, a red and burgundy waistcoat, and a top hat – a good look. In an area where traditional values have slipped somewhat among some other local funeral directors, Michael is a firm believer in shouldering a coffin properly, not wheeling it in on a trolley. He’s not a man for short cuts. If you don’t want such a formal affair, Michael is extremely happy to wear whatever you want. For example, in November 2011 he conducted a Glastonbury-themed funeral in his wellington boots. He really is flexible – and never reluctantly so. If you don’t want a hearse, he’s got a Chrysler people carrier. He is looking to acquire vehicles which are kind to the environment.

What’s important?

For Michael it’s very important that you go home feeling that the funeral was a positive experience and that everything was done well. Says Michael, “The important thing is to give people what they want, to talk through their thoughts and their needs and to help them make the right decisions. They only have one chance to carry out a funeral for their loved one so it’s very important that they have all the information that they need and all the time that they need to do it right.” He does a very good job of this.

What’s different?

In a town dominated by a corporate funeral director with extremely high prices, Michael is the real deal: a man who does his best and does all in his power to get it right.  He’s a great believer in localism. His coffins come from Gloucester and Somerset, and from just up the road in Cam, where they make the lovely Sunset coffins.


First contact: Your call will be answered either by Michael, his wife Clare or possibly his sister Patsy

Home visitsNo problem – around half of Michael and Clare’s clients prefer this.

Embalming:  Not unless legally required or pressingly necessary – and only after consulting you, of course.

Continuity of care:  Mike, Clare or Nick will be there for you all the way through – no one else.

Family participation:  Very happy for you to come in to wash and dress the person who has died.

Same-sex person to wash and dress:  Yes, no problem.

Ethnic specialism:  Very willing to work with all ethnic and faith groups. 

Local celebrantsReally good secular celebrants on their books – Michael’s sister, Patsy, and Karen Imms.

Home-arranged funerals: Happy also to work with those who want to care for their own after death at home.

Visiting: If you want to visit the person who has died you’ll find Michael and Clare very flexible. They’ll stay open for you in the evening and will happily go and fetch anyone who doesn’t drive.

Website:  Informative and well presented. Nothing there about prices – but see Money matters below.

Money matters:  Prices are very reasonable – and far, far better value than the local corporate undertaker. Michael is happy to help you fill out the forms if you want to make an application to the Social Fund.

Parking: Offstreet parking right outside Station House.


A small husband and wife team which works hard to offer a good, honest service at a reasonable price, and give people exactly what they want. They go the extra mile, and they enjoy doing so. Every client is special. Cotswolders to their fingertips – and a very special quality of calm.

Your Comments

6 comments on “Michael Gamble Funeral Directors Ltd

  1. Vanessa Cousins

    Monday 22nd May 2017 at 6:26 pm

    Michael Gamble and co have been outstanding in every aspect with regard to
    organising our late mother’s funeral.

    I knew I had made the right decision as soon as Mike arrived at our house,
    impeccably dressed, with a warm but professional demeanour.

    We were kept informed at all times with regular phone calls and emails. The
    black limos gleamed in the sunlight to the church and the graveside ceremony was orchestrated like a ballet; with care and precision.

    I cannot recommend Mike Gamble and his team more highly. Our whole family were incredibly impressed with the whole proceedings from beginning to end.

    It comforted us greatly to know we were in safe and experienced hands. And
    nothing was too much trouble.

  2. Richard Huxford

    Sunday 19th March 2017 at 6:07 pm

    Michael, Clare and their Staff gave us outstanding service yet again over our most recent family funeral last week. Once again they were extremely professional, highly organised and very efficient with the same caring, friendly and sympathetic manner that they have shown us on several – but very different – family funerals in recent years. They offer a bespoke, caring and personal service with great attention to detail. Unreservedly recommended!

  3. Nick Watkins

    Friday 14th October 2016 at 5:51 pm

    A very professional service. My family was treated with kindness and respect and every effort was made to ensure that the arrangements were personal and individual.
    Patsy captured the character of our Father incredibly well and the service went like clockwork. The organization was very good. Thankyou.

  4. Rose Harwood

    Monday 22nd December 2014 at 8:58 am

    A huge thank you to Mike, Patsy, Clare, Nick and other members of your Team for your wonderful service in arranging Dad’s funeral. You were so helpful in guiding us through the process, keeping in touch regularly, and communicating with warmth and sensitivity whilst maintaining your professionalism. You made us feel as though nothing was too much trouble. On the day everything went exactly as planned. We were never in any doubt that it would, and at a difficult time like this it meant so much that we were able to trust in your hard work and attention to detail. We were so pleased when Patsy agreed to play a piece during the service. She hit exactly the right tone as celebrant and her saxophone solo was just perfect too.

  5. Geoff March

    Wednesday 7th August 2013 at 9:45 am

    I have just been reading through your review above and can wholeheartedly agree with every comment. Michael and Clare arranged yesterday’s funeral of my wife’s step-mum and from start to finish it was perfectly handled, with exactly the right balance of sensitivity and responsiveness. At the crematorium Michael calmly but firmly took control of the ‘milling around’ start to things, and readily agreed to our request for a couple of photographs of everyone gathered around the coffin (which was a very attractive bamboo one – and they can help with any sort of request!). We would absolutely recommend him and they deserve every success.

  6. Thursday 4th April 2013 at 9:36 pm

    I worked along with Michael Gamble on the funeral of a young woman who had planned her own Glastonbury themed funeral.

    It was absolutely fantastic and exactly what she had wanted.
    It actually hit the national press! We all wore wellies as this was her wish.
    Thats the point though how many funeral directors would have all the staff in wellies? Well these guys did and its the first time I had driven the hearse in my gum boots.

    Best of it was Michael Gamble went to so much detail they even ordered the rain.

    First class!

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