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Suicidal Tendencies – I Saw Your Mommy

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


This is easily the stupidest, sickest and most disgustingly tasteless song we have ever published on this blog. We offer no apology, of course – peeking at stuff through our fingers is what we sometimes do. However, we counsel you not to have anything to do with it but, on the contrary, pass it by on the other side. Shun it. 

If you are insane enough to want to read the lyric, we reluctantly inform you that you can find it here

If you do decide to listen to a small portion of it, please be sure to click the thumbs-down button at the bottom. 

One comment on “Suicidal Tendencies – I Saw Your Mommy

  1. james showers

    Thursday 16th August 2012 at 2:53 pm

    You are right, as ever. It is appalling, with not even a rictus of a smile in the shadows. I hope they die too (x 20). James

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